Keepers of the Funk Membership - $300

  • WSBC sticker pack
  • Limited run members only t-shirt
  • (1) Monthly variety pack of the new releases
  • (2) bottles of each bottle release. (4 releases planned this year)
  • 15% off of your tab (on premise)
  • 10% off of your tab (beer togo and merch)
  • 1st Dibbs on new release bottles and cans before they go public
  • An invitation to our Keepers of the Funk soft opening weekend
  • Ongoing invitations throughout the year for private tastings and events
  • The list goes on and on and on...


Barrel Buyers Club - $250

  • Choose a red or white freshly dumped California wine barrel.
  • Name your barrel, anything you want, as long as we can legally print it on a beer label.
  • Choose what base to fill your barrel with.
    • Golden ale base - a 5-7% abv golden ale brewed with 6 row, pilsner, spelt, and oats
    • Amber/red ale base - a 5-7% abv amber brewed with 6 row, pilsner, spelt, crystal chocolate and oats
    • Dark ale base - a 5-7% abv dark brown ale brewed with 6 row, pilsner, spelt, crystal, chocolate, roasted barley and oats
  • Enjoy a case of bottles from each release that your barrel is featured
  • Be the coolest person you know for at least one night during your barrels release party!
  • Enjoy all of these perks for the lifetime of the barrel
  • When your barrel is retired, we will seal it, treat it, and turn it over to you to keep for ever and ever and ever...


Dont miss out on these opportunities of a... Year! Snag your membership today and lets make some sour beer!