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we currently have a collection of 6 games in the taproom, with more on the way. Each of our current games are featured on

we have pinball tech visits several times a month. if there are any issues with any game at all, please let our staff know so we can get it resolved asap.


wico street beer co hosts bi-monthly knockout (3 or 4 strike) tournaments and also launch party tournaments for every new game that arrives. all tournaments are ifpa sanctioned and open to everyone. $5 dollar suggested donation to cover cost/expenses. to qualify for tournaments you must score a minimum 10,000,000 pts on any machine included in the tournament 15 min prior to the tournament start.

knockout tournaments

3 or 4 Strikes depending on participation. players will play in a 1-on-1 versus
scenario with the player obtaining the higher score advancing to the next round without a strike.
the player with the lower of the 2 scores will be credited with 1 (one) strike. the amount of
strikes for elimination will be subject to the attendance of this event. If there are less than 24
participants at the beginning of this event, the format will be 4 strikes. If there are more than 24
participants, the format will be 3 strikes and 1 extra ball.

players will be assigned random opponents and machines. players will not play the same opponent

in consecutive rounds. should there happen to be a tie for 3rd Place at the end of the tournament,
one game will be played on a randomly selected machine immediately after the 1st place match
machine is selected.

practice/qualifiers will take place at the time of opening until 15 minutes prior to that start of the event. at
that time the tourn
ament director will determine what games are eligible for play during the tournament.
the rules will then be explained to the participating players and any concerns prior to the start of the 
tournament will be addressed.

launch party tournaments


best game qualifying

unlimited qualifying is 3p-630p. finals bracket size depends on participation and is expected to start at 7p. each participant will have the opportunity to queue up and play as many games as possible during the 3.5 hour qualifying time. players will put down their name on a list, when they are called it is their opportunity to play a 1 player game on the launch game. after they complete a 1 player 3 ball game, their score will be recorded and they are welcome to place their name on an open line on the queue list for another chance at bettering their score. when qualifying time is over, the player currently on the machine is able to finish their respected game and then qualifying will be complete. we will then eliminate half of the players in the qualifying field.

head to head Finals

a bracket style tournament will follow. seeding will be based on qualifying scores. the bracket will be single elimination except for a best-of-three finals.

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